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Tofu stir fry from the wok

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A classic and really good! Here in a kind of basic version from the wok with an easy-to-make sauce, quick to prepare and incredibly tasty. Add rice and enjoy.

As I consume less and less meat, and primarily very good meat, tofu is a welcome and good addition and change in my diet. I have occasionally used it in the past, such as silken tofu for a vegan tzatziki, but it is still under-represented here on the blog, so let’s change that and start with this tofu stir fry from the wok.

The best way to prepare it is with the right wok power on my Roaring Dragon, but any wok burner or pan on the stove will do. You can find more information about the Roaring Dragon in my Salmon Teriyaki from the wok, for example.

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Tofu stir fry from the wok

Stir Fry – stir-frying in a wok

When people think of cooking in a wok, they often think of stir fry dishes, but what exactly is it? The stir-fry method is an Asian cooking technique in which the ingredients are cooked quickly in a wok over a high heat, stirring constantly. This method originated in Chinese cuisine, but has since gained worldwide popularity and is used in a wide variety of national cuisines.

The ingredients, such as vegetables and meat or tofu, are pre-cut into small, even pieces so that they cook at the same time. Prepare the right sauce, then heat the wok, add the oil and the fun begins.

The procedure is then as follows: first add the ingredients that take the longest to cook to the wok, fry and brown. Remove from the wok or add the vegetables directly and stir quickly. The vegetables should remain crunchy. Then it’s time for the sauce, always stir well to prevent burning. Finally, season to taste or add more seasoning in general, top with toppings as desired and serve.

Tofu stir fry from the wok

The great advantages of the Stir-Fry method are that it enables quick and versatile cooking. Above all, however, it allows the natural flavors of the ingredients to be preserved. Preparation and quick work on the wok are crucial, as is the case with this Tofu Stir Fry.


As I rarely use tofu, here are a few words about this very versatile food. Tofu is known to be made from soybeans, although my son recently thought it was cheese 🙂

Tofu is definitely a great source of protein, has a mild taste and is able to absorb a wide variety of flavors thanks to its texture. The best-known types of tofu are the firm tofu used here and the soft silken tofu.

Tofu stir fry from the wok
Tofu stir fry from the wok

And it is by no means the case that tofu is a modern invention. In many cultures around the world, tofu has been used in traditional dishes for centuries. Nowadays, it has become an integral part of modern vegetarian and vegan cuisine, but meat eaters are also welcome to broaden their horizons. With this Tofu Stir Fry from the wok you have the opportunity.

When cooking in a wok, it is a good idea to squeeze excess water out of the tofu. Simply place the tofu between sheets of paper towels and put something heavy on top. This allows water to escape and the tofu can then be cut into even cubes.

Other ingredients

Apart from tofu, I limit myself to pointed peppers, ginger, garlic and spring onions. However, there are many vegetables that are ideal for cooking in a wok. Incidentally, a good wok* is made of carbon steel, is baked on and gets better and better with every use.

Tofu stir fry from the wok

The sauce for our tofu stir fry is simply made from soy sauce (I like to use reduced-salt soy sauce*), sesame oil, palm sugar and lime juice. This can of course be supplemented and refined as required. However, this is a kind of basic recipe.

You can find all the ingredients and the preparation in the recipe below. Then enjoy the wok action and bon appétit!

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