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Asian pulled duck hot dog – a different kind of duck!

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For me, hot dogs are wonderful comfort food! They always taste good, can be prepared in a thousand different ways and simply make you feel good. Here as an Asian pulled duck hot dog – what a combination! Duck legs braised until tender, plucked in the braising liquid refined with hoisin sauce and served with chili, sesame seeds and spring onions. You’ll love it, I certainly do.

Asian pulled duck hot dog

Duck legs for pulled duck

Do you like duck? You can already find various recipes with duck on my blog. I use duck legs here, as they contain more fat than duck breast and therefore have a richer flavor. This means that duck legs harmonize very well with the ingredients used here for braising and ultimately the hot dogs.

The preparation of the duck legs is classic in itself, except that a few ingredients are added for an Asian touch. The duck legs get their first Asian flair when they are braised. In addition to a classic vegetable or chicken stock of your choice, soy sauce, roasted sesame oil* and togarashi spice mix* are also added to the braising liquid. The ingredients initially suggest a Japanese touch, but as is often the case with me, it ends up being an Asian fusion dish.

Asian pulled duck hot dog
Asian pulled duck hot dog

However, before the duck legs end up in the casserole, they are first seared on both sides. I score the skin with a sharp knife beforehand so that it doesn’t warp so much. The first step is to make it Chinese by seasoning the duck legs with wonderful organic 5-spice powder from Spicebar!

At Spicebar* you get from only 15€ order value the indispensable spice “Umami-Bums” (5,90€) for free. Use my code “spicychopsticks” for this

In total, the duck legs are braised with the lid closed for about 1.5 hours. A little longer is better, because we want to pluck them and turn them into pulled duck legs.

Asian pulled duck hot dog

The braising liquid is collected and used to make the sauce for our plucked duck legs. Again, this is much easier than the wonderful taste might suggest. So pour your braising liquid through a fine sieve and allow it to reduce by half. Finally, mix in the hoisin sauce, bring to the boil again briefly and thicken. As always, you will find the exact quantities at the bottom of the recipe.

What is still missing? That’s right – pluck or chop duck legs for pulled duck hot dogs, with the skin on, and mix with our wonderful hoisin braising sauce. Then it continues at the barbecue…..

Grilling pulled duck hot dogs

Now I’m using a barbecue multi-tool that I wouldn’t want to be without, namely the BBQ Rescher*. Don’t miss my detailed experience report on this universally applicable and high-quality helper in the barbecue area. In this case, it is perfect for warming our hot dog buns. But it can do so much more….

Asian pulled duck hot dog
Asian pulled duck hot dog

There’s not much more to do. While the buns are being warmed and our pulled duck is being kept warm, chillies are chopped to taste and, above all, to any desired degree of spiciness, as are spring onions. These are also added to our pulled duck hot dog, as are sesame seeds. The pulled duck with hoisin sauce does not require any extra sauce. So then….Bite in and enjoy!

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